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Our partners

CLUSTER cooperates with: .

  • prof. Mieczysław Szalecki
    Specialist in Paediatrics and Endocrinology
    Swietokrzyskie Consultant in Paediatrics
  • prof. Marianna Janion
    Swietokrzyskie Consultant in Cardiology
    Specialist in Cardiology

  • prof. Stanisław Głuszek
    Swietokrzyskie Consultant in Surgery
    Specialist in Surgery and Oncology Surgery

  • prof. Marcin Majka
    Head of Department of Clinical Immunology and Transplantology, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University
Main Page Aim and Mission

The Science, Medicine & New Technologies Cluster gathers and connects excellent specialists from different medical backgrounds, scientists, higher education institutions, business environment institutions.

Enormous and fast progress in such fields as computer science, material science, biotechnology, genetics and nanotechnology caused medicine, which is interconnected with these sciences, to become one of the fastest growing areas of life and economy.

Due to huge technological progress new diagnostic methods are evolving such as Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), genetic testing etc. Due to technology progress newer, less invasive and safer treatment methods. Thanks to technology progress we are now able to treat previously untreatable diseases.

Our mission is to promote novel and innovative methods of treatment, initiating and orchestrating cooperation between medical and scientific communities, organising trainging courses and scientific conferences. We also organise joint efforts for the purpose of medical advancement, development of new and innovative treatment methods as well as helping to implement new technologies.

Our aim is to facilitate R&D efforts and implement innovative treatment methods. Cluster’s aim is to promote entrepreneurship based on knowledge, research and development, helping to implement and commercialise scientific results as well as helping entrepreneurs organising their business around knowledge and scientific potential.